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Youth Club

A youth club was established at Amano with a view to forming a Christ-centred dynamic group to help students develop and grow, whilst having fun and fellowship. Students attend the club on a voluntary basis. It is a place where they can feel free to share honestly and openly about issues concerning them and seek guidance from peers and youth workers. As a result, this club is popular and attended by the majority of students.

To help achieve the club's purpose the chosen venue is a building that is never used as a class or dorm room and so the students can feel that they have 'gone out for the evening'. This venue is a building known affectionately as "The Banana House", a name derived from its original purpose in the now defunct banana plantation. The building was renovated and then decorated by the students themselves, allowing them to consider it their own.

The youth club is also a place where the young people can learn more, through various formats, about how Christianity relates to issues facing them now, whilst preparing them to deal with issues they will face later in life. Young people are also encouraged to get involved with the running of the club, which will increase their confidence and develop their leadership skills.

Given the international nature of the school we also have the challenge of appreciating and overcoming cultural differences through building strong relationships with each other. The youth club is the ideal environment in which to achieve this.  

There is a theme which runs through the term and taken up every week. Cook-offs between the girls and boys are a highlight of the year and fine weather may inspire a time of singing around a bonfire.  

The club is presently run by the youth pastor, Jarrett Furnish, with the help of others brought in to do some of the teaching. A female colleague to help more specifically with the girls would be a real asset.  

“Salvation is free, but discipleship costs

Everything we have”

- Billy Graham -