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Sponsorship and Bursaries

Three Ways You Can Help ACS Through Sponsorship

1. Bursary Fund for Orphans and Other Disadvantaged Children

One of the aims of ACS is that orphans should comprise 10% of the student body, an aim that has already been achieved. We hope to enrol one or two more next year. Two of the first orphans to join us seven years ago were twin boys, who settled well and declared they would never leave! They are still with us! All the fees and other school costs of orphans are met from a Bursary Fund for disadvantaged children which the school has set up. A share of our school fee income is set aside in this Fund along with donations from sponsors.

A sponsorship programme is in place whereby any individual/s or church may contribute a fixed monthly amount, usually between £40 to £140, towards the school fees of an orphaned or otherwise disadvantaged child. Donors are linked with specific pupils who regularly write to their sponsors. The Bursary Fund also helps qualifying children of Zambians in full-time Christian ministry, who are unable to meet the full fees. We also welcome occasional or one-off gifts to this Fund.

2. Further Education Fund for Vulnerable Amano Graduates.

We have recently set up a fund to support students who graduate from Amano with little chance to build upon their Grade 12 or sixth-form education by obtaining higher academic or vocational qualifications because their background gives them extremely limited financial options.This fund is met entirely from one-off or regular donations to specific students. Sponsors are linked with individual students and receive regular feedback from them. Accountability is maintained by making most payments from the fund direct to the Education Institution concerned and receiving copies of all reports on each student's progress.

Sponsors who have supported students through their years at Amano sometimes like to continue in this way.

3. Support Fund for Zambian Teachers and Dorm Parents

All teachers and dormparents at Amano whether from overseas or from within Zambia are unpaid volunteers. This fund, which is managed by the Brethren Missionary Trust of Zambia, receives donations to assist our Zambian teachers and dormparents who have no other means of support. The Fund encourages more Zambians to join ACS on the same basis as overseas missionary staff and to use their talents in this worthy Christian endeavour.

For more information on any of the above sponsorship schemes, please contact the Amano Financial Administrator through the Contact Amano page.

The Bursary Fund also helps qualifying children of Zambians

in full-time Christian ministry…