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Parent Teacher Association

Amano Christian School Parent Teacher Association was formed in 2009 and bla bla bla

Parent Teacher Association

PTA: Our Parent Teacher Association consists of a number of very dedicated Parents, Teachers and Staff who commit their valuable time and energy to improving the School facilities, facilitating communication between Parents, Guardians, Students, Teachers, Staff and other Stakeholders, fundraising through school approved functions and the provision as necessary of refreshments at School functions and sporting activities.

CHARITY: The PTA also makes an effort to contribute to worthy charities as we are able, give back to the local community, and provide support to many of our children whose families and guardians have limited resources.

CONTRIBUTE: Last year, and hopefully this year also, the PTA held a Thanks-giving and food collection which was then distributed to needy families in our local community. Please look out for this in future newsletters and support as you are able.

PARTICIPATE: As a relatively small school, the support of our parents is invaluable, in whatever form. The PTA actively encourages all Parent, Student and Teacher suggestions as well as participation in our fundraising and events to both improve the School facilities and provide fun activities to support, encourage our children and add to the nurturing environment provided by Amano school.

POOL PROJECT: The PTA is currently working on an extremely ambitious and long term project to build a Swimming Pool for the School which will not only improve the level of sporting activities, but teach our children the valuable life skill of swimming and provide a welcome recreational activity for our children and the teachers and staff involved in the school who dedicate their lives to the education and well-being of our children. As such, we would like to appeal to the Parents, Stakeholders, the Zambian Business Community and Public at large to contribute however they are able.

MAY FAYRE: The PTA holds an annual May Fayre, and Market which has been very well supported, fun family sporting activities as well as many ‘non-event’ fundraisers such as non uniform days etc, and a very exciting upcoming school recipe book project in which all parents/guardians and students can be involved without a great deal of time and commitment.

GET INVOLVED: If you would like to assist the PTA by volunteering your time, expertise or in any other way, please do contact the school office or any one of the PTA members directly.  A reminder that all Parents/Guardians are welcome to attend our meetings as observers. Our meetings include, inter alia, Parent/Guardian questions, comments and suggestions, feedback from the Student Forum, management of PTA financial resources, events planning and effective school community communication.

THANKS: We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those people whose valuable contributions of time, effort and financial support have helped us thus far.

Our PTA consists of a number of very dedicated Parents, Teachers and Staff who commit their valuable time and energy…