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Primary Education

At present we teach Grade 1 on their own. Grades 2-7 are taught as double composite classes. However, our aim is to expand the school and have separate classes with 16 students in each grade. We have more than enough applicants to expand the classes! Currently we try not to have more than 16 students in a double grade.

The curriculum is based on a mix of Cambridge and QCA syllabi supported by some studies relevant to the Zambian context. We have designed our own Scripture course and all students learn memory verses which they recite each week.

The subjects taught are:



ICT (Computer Studies)


History and Geography often integrated in one 'topic'




Personal, Social and Health Education (Civics/Citizenship)


As we have links with Liebenzell Mission, we offer German lessons to those who speak German at home.

Each class teacher needs to be flexible and timetable their lessons in co-operation with other teachers because of the need to share facilities. A good range of resources are available.

The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next

- Abraham Lincoln -