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The Boards of Trustees and Governors

The Board of Trustees

The Trustees of Sunnybrook Christian Trust own both the land and the school and are legally responsible for the use of that land and the conduct of the school.

The Trustees:

Philip Grove - Chairman (Missionary)

Michael Pflaum - Vice Chairman (Missionary)

Dr Godwin Beene - (Consultant Engineer)

Harry Konstantinou - (Retired Businessman)

Kelvin Samwata - Secretary (Missionary)

The Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is a representative body which oversees the Amano project in its many aspects.


Dana and Carolyn Belton - (Missionaries)

Brian Bentley  (Retired Secondary Headmaster)

Gershom Chioni  (Church Pastor)

Valerie Grove  (Missionary)

Rosemary Konstantinou  (Retired Primary Teacher)

Marcellina Mwambu  (Secondary French Teacher)

Bärbel Pflaum  (Missionary)

Frank Wittmann (Administrative Director)

Ex-officio Board Members (Staff):

Deborah Scott  (Acting Secondary Head)

Philip Cracknell  (Finance Administrator)

Saved to serve