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Boarding at Amano

We currently have two dormitories (hostels) at Amano, one for boys and the other for girls. Both dorms have two wings separated by a common room. At the rear of the common room and the ends of the wings is accommodation for dorm parents and some other staff. There are facilities in both for making breakfast and snacks. The common rooms are equipped with easy chairs, television and dvd facilities, computers and other indoor games facilities.

The dorms are supervised by the appointed houseparents who are assisted by other volunteer based staff.

Boarders at Amano Christian School have many opportunities to participate in different activities that enhance their everyday lives. On Monday's a Bible study is organised where the children can learn more about God. Questions and contributions are encouraged and the dorm children also have the opportunities to lead a Bible study. This allows them to deepen their faith and develop their gifts.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays after homework the girls and boys also have the opportunity to go to youth group where they are met with games, a small input and snacks. Consequently the children to spend some time away from school and dorm life and thrive in a relaxed and supportive environment.

A highlight that always brings loud squeals of delight from the girls dorm is that on Wednesday evenings they have the privilege of watching an episode of a chosen series. A movie is also watched on Saturday evening while the children savour a delicious piece of brownie.

Additionally during the week an activity is organised for the primary boarders every day after school. Activities include games, going for walks by the stream, baking, doing arts and crafts and treasure hunts. The dorm also has bikes at demand where the older children go cycling in groups on Amano grounds and where many of our small children have learned to take their first ride on a bike.

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