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About Amano Christian School

Amano Christian School began as the Lord led Philip Grove and Michael Pflaum, both long-term missionaries, to begin a new work. Initially, they saw the need for a school on the Copperbelt, the most densely populated area of Zambia, which would provide secondary schooling for the children of missionaries and others after leaving Sakeji Mission School in the North West Province of Zambia, with whom we co-operate closely. The vision enlarged to include primary students and to serve other Christian families and those who wish their children to receive a Christian education. The establishment of Amano was not dependent on any one mission. Philip serves with Christian Brethren (CMML) and Michael with Liebenzell Mission in Zambia (LMI).

The present staff of Amano combines people serving with several evangelical bodies. None of our teaching staff and dormitory parents are funded from the school fees, but serve on a missionary basis, fully supported financially by the home church/sending body. Other organizations, including Brass Tacks, continue to be used of the Lord in the practical development of the work at Amano. North Star Worldwide has aided in distance learning when subject staff have not been available.

Amano Christian School is overseen by Sunnybrook Christian Trust, which owns the land on which the school stands and operates the work on the site. The Trustees, together with some invited members, constitute the School Board. Unlike many other local schools neither the School Board nor its Trustees receive any income from the school.

For the Lord gives wisdom;

from His mouth come

knowledge and understanding.

- Proverbs 2:6 -